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The Blog is going on a Permanent Vacation

Ok, I haven't had any comments on this blog on an post for many, many months. The only post that seems to get any traffic is my 2015 post about Star Fleet Battles.  I don't fully understand why that post has generated so much interest, while the rest of my content has been mostly ignored.  Clearly, this has not been an successful blog. I get much more traffic with my Facebook content and the YouTube channel is showing promise.

Perhaps the subjects of my posts have been too random. I may need to focus on a specific game or subject. Maybe I didn't generate enough posts to keep the audience connected. Whatever the case, I am ending this blog with this final post.  I'm calling it a 'permanent vacation' because the blog and posts will still be here, though I will not be adding any new content. I might continue to comment on the SFB post since that is still generating traffic 3 years after it was published.

To anyone who might still be reading, I say 'Thank You' for your attention and hope to see you at the gaming table someday soon!


  1. sorry to see you stop. I greatly enjoyed your Gulf Strike summaries.

  2. I'm sorry to hear this! I was hoping you'd play in my Monopolis game at MillCon and post about it here.

    What about if you come over for a spaceship battle?

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