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Gates of Antares Group and Review.

Blake has been instrumental in starting a Beyond the Gates of Antares group here in town. We have been meeting on regular Sundays at Multiverse Games.

I had already purchased a basic set called "The Xilos Horizon" and a bunch of small box sets. I got them at a nice discount from a local store that was trying to clear them out. At the time, my plans were to paint them and use them as a Rogue Stars list. I attempted to play the game a few times before but those games involved some very basic lists.  A couple of Concord Strike Squads (basic infantry teams) vs. the Ghar Assault Squads (basic heavy troops, with thick armor) with no supporting drones or weapon options.  So, these games were very generic and didn't inspire me to play again.

But, when Blake started a regular group, I decided to join in and give the game a fair chance. I've played a few game sessions up to this point. With each game session, we've been including new units that required us to employ new ta…

Gulf Strike - Turns 1 and 2

Joe and I have are at it again with the another huge Cold War simulation board game. Last year, we started a big game of 7th Fleet in which a WWIII type scenario escalated in the Eastern Pacific. This year, we started another game of Gulf Strike. This game focuses on Land, Air, and Sea combat in the Persian Gulf! The region is full of potential wargaming scenarios. However, these rules were written in the early 1980's so it reflects the best military analysis available from that specific time period.

The scenario we chose was one that did not involve forces from Iraq. The reason for this was to keep an otherwise huge game from getting even larger. As it was, we took several hours just to arrange the counters and setup the game. The following is a brief description of the political situation and lead up to the conflict.
In September of 1984, peace is concluded between Iran and Iraq and the three year war is at an end. (note: the real-life war lasted 8 years). Iran was able to come …

MillenniumCon 20 - Ogre and Hordes of the Things

Another year, another great MillenniumCon ! Attendance was up this year! That's great to see new players showing up. That's another testament to the success of our little convention.

Typically, I'll spend a lot of time with administration of the event. This year, I wanted to participate in more games. So, I made myself scarce around the registration table. It seems like when I am close to that area, some kind of task comes up. My attention gets pulled in some direction.

I got to play in Desert Scribe's Ogre Miniatures game called, the Siege of Steelville. Click on the link to see his battle report. Scribe always puts on a good Ogre game!  I was part of the team defending the city, which suffered not one, but TWO cruise missile detonations. I wish I could say how bad I feel about letting the nukes past the defense perimeter, but in the post-apocalyptic genre, there's gonna be a nuclear detonation from time to time.

I also participated in the Annual Hordes of the Thi…

Battleship Texas and Monte Cassino

Earlier this month, my brother and I attended the Texas Broadsides! mini-convention. What makes this event unique? Unlike other events that take place in a hotel or meeting space, this convention happens on board the battleship U.S.S. Texas!

A little primer about the U.S.S. Texas (BB-35). It's a US Navy battleship that has seen service in the "Tampico Incident" and both World Wars. It is one of the oldest battleships remaining in the world. It was first launched on 18 May 1912. It was first installed with coal-fired boilers and was converted to oil-fired boilers sometime between the World Wars. It was also the first US battleship to have anti-aircraft guns installed. Rather than retell the ship's remarkably long service record, I'll just direct you to the Wikipedia page at for more details.

Currently, the ship is moored at the San Jacinto State Historical site and is open to the public as a museum. Most of the lowe…

Sci-Fi prints added to collection

More prints have come out of the 3D printer. I purchased some excellent science fiction models from Warlayer.  I made some cargo containers, some shield/power generators and a simple storage box.

Also, I finally painted the Rampage Castle Tower. I purchased a paint triad from my local big-box hardware store. But, the mid tone I selected was more of a highlight. I think it came out okay overall. The plastic took the paint very well and the cheap, clear-coat spray I used was very good at covering the 'shiny' look of the plastic.

I've also experimented with 15mm Team Yankee models. This one is a M113 with a machine gun turret on top. I think a .50 cal model from a traditional plastic kit might be an nice addition to this model. 

Rogue Stars sessions

Rogue Stars is the newest sci-fi variation from Ganesha Games. It uses the same action/reaction system used in the Song of Blades in Heroes game. The major difference is the dice. SoBaH uses three d6 dice for activation while RS uses a single d20. Miniatures can be from any manufacturer and are only limited by the player's imagination.

This is a skirmish-style game where both players have small squads of miniatures with less than 10 characters. Each character is created buy purchasing skills, powers and equipment from a long list of sci-fi tropes. Examples are psionics, blaster guns, laser swords etc. Each squad is assigned a theme such as bounty hunters, militia, miners, star cops, or pirates.

Combat is more complex than your typical miniatures game. Most notably, each hit can be applied to a specific body location. Some modifiers are used when trying to place hits on non-humanoid characters. There are also a large number of modifiers to apply hits. And the damage tables can res…

Mid-War FoWSA 2017

I participated in the FOWSA Mid-War tournament on July 22. This tournament has grown in to a tri-annual event. There is a separate tournament for Mid-War, Late-War and Early-War. Team Yankee tournaments have been added as well. Who would've thought that 15mm WWII gaming would be so popular? I attended this same tournament last year and got completely clobbered, see that post here. This year, I did much better with essentially the same list.

My 1600 point list for US Rifle Company from the North Africa book.

Rifle Company HQ    2 Cmd Carbine team        20 pts

Rifle Platoon       1 Cmd Rifle team        150 pts
                    1 Bazooka team
                    9 Rifle team
Rifle Platoon       1 Cmd Rifle team        150 pts
                    1 Bazooka team
                    9 Rifle team
Weapons Platoon     1 Cmd Carbine team        120 pts
                    4 M1919 LMG team
                    3 M2 60mm mortar

Anti-tank Platoon   1 Cm…