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Care and Feeding of your new Balrog

He's big. He's nasty. He wreathed in unholy fire! Mom, can I keep him?

I was able to purchase this handsome devil from a local 40K gamer.  He had purchased a large lot of Games Workshop models and the Balrog was part of it. He thought it was some sort of 40K unit and never really knew what it was. Strange. Anyway, he was willing to sell it at a decent price.

The Balrog came partially assembled and a bit beat up. That's nothing a little TLC and a lot of modelling putty can't fix. The legs and wings are barely attached. There are many visible seams and mold lines that will need to be cleaned.  And, there will be the challenge of painting him with realistic looking flames. Eventually, it will be the leader of my Moria Goblin army and will be whipping up on meddling wizards who wander into the deep places of the earth.

Also on the 'Thumb'-bench. were these little paper terrain walls. Oringinally, I printed them out from a PDF file and taped them together to make …

LotR Tournament 2014: Victory!

Alas, here is the long awaited report on the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit SBG tournament report. Sorry for the delay but many Wood Elves and Dwarves were trampled by Mumakils in the effort to bring us this information.

The first tournament of 2014 was held back in March. Charlie, the tournament coordinator, decided to make this a ‘doubles’ tournament which meant each team comprised of two players with 500pt armies each.

My esteemed teammate was Ted with his army of white-primed Dwarves. I took my usual Wood Elves but changed up the list a little bit. I left me in a hurry to paint them up but I got the whole group ready for play just in time.

Most of this report is from Ted. I’ve made some changes to his original report but credit should go to him for the write up.

The tournament lasted three rounds. Over the course of the day, we fought two Cave Trolls, a Dweller-in-Dark, thousands of Goblins and Orcs, and were chased around the map by a raging Mumakil.

When the dust settled, only one…