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Glider Rifle Company

I've started my new 15mm WW2 army for Flames of War. Even though some of the local players have decided to stop playing FoW, I still believe there is a lot of life left in this game. Even if they are correct, I seriously doubt that WW2 games in 15mm will go away any time soon.

Case in point; my friend Dale has decided to purchase the rulebook for the excellent game I Ain't Been Shot Mum. He asked me if I'd be willing to learn the game with him and I agreed. I've played the game before and discussed it in this earlier post. This game provides a bit more realism than Flames of War and there are times when I really enjoy the gritty details of a serious wargame.

So, we've setup a goal for each of us to paint up an army. I will build a US Glider Rifle Company and Dale will do a German PanzerGrenadier Company. I've purchased a box of the plastic US Infantry from The Plastic Soldier Company. They are great sculpts for the price. The only trick will be to figure out ho…

Sons of Liberty Stronghold and Army

Here's a project that was four years in the making.

My 'Sons of Liberty' army which I used to win the Hordes of the Things-Texas state championship in 2011, has been completed to my satisfaction. The tournament is held every year at MillenniumCon and uses 40mm fronts. I've added an extra unit and completed a scratch built Stronghold. Also, I have always wanted to give each unit a designation that reflected a true-life regiment from the AWI and a matching paint job.

The figures were completely painted back in 2011 except for the Rhode Island unit and the Stronghold. I finally did the research for each unit and attached a small nameplate to each one. This is probably more work than any HotT army deserves.

Here is the army list with the unit designation and historical commander's names.

Unit        Name                       Commander

Spear        5th Pennsylvania          Col. Francis Johnston
Spear        Delaware Company          Cpt. Robert Kirkwood
Spear        1s…

Projects for 2015

Just a brief recap of my gaming projects of the year 2014:

LotR: Boromir (Fellowship Version) - 1
LotR: Numenorian Warriors - 12
LotR: Wood Elf Warriors - 10
LotR: Wood Elf Sentinel - 2
Warmaster: 3 High Elf Chariots, 1 unit
Warmaster: rehab 3 Giant Eagles, 1 unit
HotT: Sons of Liberty army: 1x Stronghold, 1x Spears

Games played:
According to my BoardGameGeek profile I've played 50+ individual game sessions, which averages around one game per week. I guess that's normal. My most played game systems have been Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit SBG with 9 separate sessions and Flames of War with 5 sessions. I've played 20+ different games and most of them only once the entire year.

My goal for 2014 was to double the number of followers to a total of 16. Almost got there! Members updated to 13 total and 29 pluses from viewers on Google+, Published 19 posts for the year which was down from 25 in 2013. So, I need to get on it!

MillenniumCon was a huge par…