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Moving Out and Millennium 17

My wife and I have decided to sell our house and move into a new one. Hopefully, a place with more space, easier commute to work, a better kitchen and, fingers crossed, an awesome Game Room!!

Our house sold in just a few hours after we put it on the market. We will be closing at the end of this month. But, we haven't found a beautiful new house yet, so we'll be in an apartment for awhile.

It's an inconvenience, but it is all in the process of moving to a better home. The sad part is I'll have to put all the miniatures and games in storage until further notice! That's disappointing because I am not sure how long we will be in an apartment situation. Gaming, painting, and modelling for the next few weeks will be limited.

Instead, my focus will be on this year's MillenniumCon convention! In case I haven't mentioned, I'm on the staff for Millennium 17, the premiere miniature wargaming convention in the state of Texas! We've had a change up in the staf…