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Did Cavemen have Armies?

Well not 'cavemen' but specifically neolithic humans. Did they use armies?  When did organized warfare start and how organized were the soldiers?  What weapons did they have and for what reason would they fight wars?

As a miniature gamer, I am interested in military history.  I found this interesting article on the interwebs and thought I'd repost it here.  It is a draft of an article by historian Arther Ferrill. It tries to start a discussion about some of this questions. It is a short read and I hope you enjoy it.

Neolithic Warfare by Arther Ferrill

HotT Battles and the Mysterious 'cocked' dice

Hello fellow gamers!  It's been too long since my last real post. My gaming time has been less of late but that trend should turn around now.

I participated in a 'Hordes of the Things' game day with fellow blogger and host, Desert Scribe and several friends from the LHSM group. The original plan for the event was to have a HotT tournament but we never got enough players to make a proper single elimination tournament.  So, we gathered and had a series of battles in which we just squared off against each other.

Five players were represented
My 'League of the Scarlet Falcon' army - mostly Warhammer Fantasy Empire figsBlake's Warhammer Chaos Knights armyJohnny's Late Imperial Roman armyScribe's 'Sons of Muspel' and 'Nightmare Legion' armyTed's Samurai Warband The first battle was a 3 vs 2 battle with 72 points per side.  Me and Scribe vs. the rest.  We struggled with PiPs and just couldn't get the army into proper line to engage the e…