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Warmaster Battles

Local players have decided to start playing Warmaster again.  We setup a small battle for our Tuesday night game.

This match involved two players on two teams with each player bringing one army of 1000 pts.

Team 'Goodness and Light' included me and Jake.  We both fielding 1000pts of High Elves.  I brought plenty of archers, two heroes and one wizard, which was probably more command strength than necessary. Jake brought a band of eagles and bolt throwers followed by lots of Silverhelms.

Team 'Darkness and Stink' included Dave with a Chaos army and Tony with Orcs, Goblins, and a Giant!

The battle started with the elves successfully passing all the command rolls while the enemy struggled to get their units moving.  Jake sent the eagles around the right flank while the Silverhelms pushed the center.  Tony's night goblins and black orcs moved up to meet the elf cavalry. The Orcs an Gobbos were outmatched against four units of Silverhelms.  They were crushed and that pro…

New Aquisition - BattleSworn

There has been plenty of buzz in the Blogosphere about the new game BattleSworn.  BattleSworn is the latest product from Ganesha Games, the creator of Song of Blades and Heroes. 

It is a simple, fantasy skirmish game for just two players. There has been some discussion about how to manage more than two players but nothing practical has come up yet, more about that in a little bit. The game is played with similar warbands used in Song of Blades and Heroes. The really innovative part of the game is that it does not require any die rolls and there is no measurement for movement. The game is played out in a series of bidding contests. For example, player A secretly bids a number of actions the he wants to take for his turn.  Player B bids as well.  They reveal their bids at the beginning of the turn. The player with the lowest number will get to take that number of actions *first*; the other player gets to take the difference of the two bids for his actions. Movement is abstract. Any fig…

The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Last month, I participated in the Battle of Pelennor Fields; a dramatic re-enactment (can you re-enact an event that occurred only in literature?) of the epic battle from "The Return of the King" using the GW Lord of the Rings figures and rules.

Charlie hosted the battle at Dragon's Lair. We used the the standard Strategy Battle Game rules; not the 'War of the Rings' rules. Charlie had all the figures necessary for the game and he setup the terrain on a huge table.  He pushed together 3 large 6' x 8' tables to create the map. Charlie was willing to stand by and play as moderator and referee while the rest of us played it out. 

We had 17 players involved!  I think the odd player ended up on the evil side but I'm not sure.  The forces were broken up into individual commands of each faction.  Each player handled one faction.  As a result, the whole battle was played out in several smaller battles occurring across the whole map.

I managed a host of Rohan…

FoWSA 2013 - After Action

September 7th was our annual 'Flames of War - San Antonio' tournament (code named = FoWSA).  We had 15 players show up including a few nationally rated competitors.  This year I brought the same battalion of Soviet Naval infantry that I used last year with one change.  I dropped one company if Fearless-Conscript infantry and added 3x SU-122 for firepower support (confident-trained).

Here is my list for 2013.

  Fearless    Trained  Morskaya Pekhota Batalon
Soviet Morskaya FOWSA 2013SovietLate-WarInfantry CompanyPlatoonQtyUnitPointsHeadquartersMorskaya Pekhota Batalon HQp.52
1Cmd Rifle team
Komissar team35Combat CompaniesMorskaya Pekhota Companyp.51
1Cmd Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team
SMG team
Maksim HMG team235Morskaya Pekhota Companyp.51
5Cmd Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team
SMG team210Morskaya Pekhota Companyp.51
5Cmd Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team
SMG team210Weapons CompaniesMorskaya Heavy Mortar Companyp.61
4Cmd Rifle team
120-PM-38 mortar105Morskaya Scout Platoon Fearless  Veteran p.71
4Cmd SMG t…