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GuadaComaCon 2013

This was my first year at GuadaComaCon and I found it an enjoyable little convention. My GURPS: Prime Directive game was scheduled first thing in the morning. A single, willing victim showed up to play the adventure. When it was clear there would not be any more players, the Tekumel group invited us to join in that game hosted by Jeff Dee.  We proceeded to play what I would call "the weirdest dungeon crawl ever!", but Tekumel is a strange world setting.  I played a warrior-priest and was the point man as explored a dungeon through various rooms.  One filled with blinding light, another with thick smoke, another with sweaty mist, another room with stinky six-eyed lizards and finally a room filled with magically animated torture devices! The party survived all this and we stopped play for a lunch break.

Later, I jumped into the Star Navy: 5150 game.  This was only the second time I played the game. It took some time to recall the rules and the abstract nature of the game.  As …

GuadaComaCon and Paper Terrain