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New Acquisition - Sky Galleons of Mars

I need another miniatures game like I need an eleventh toe. It's awfully hard to say no to a cool looking game though.

Any game with flying ships always gets my attention. This is definitely an oldie but I look forward to re-habilitating the old minis.  Alternatively, I may buy some better minis on a larger scale and make some larger maps for the game.

I'd love to make some groovy sci-fi airships like those from the recent John Carter movie. This would be a major project and will have to wait at the back of my to-do list. The setting inspires me and I can imagine doing some really cool stuff with this game.

Workbench WIP - Mirkwood Elves

Even though the title of the blog is "The PAINTED Thumb", my posts have little to do with actual 'painting' and modeling. So, I will try to bring some more of that going forward.

I've been playing a lot of the GW Lord of the Ring/Hobbit game lately. A local friend, Charlie, has decided to hold a monthly LotR game night. He has been a longtime fan of the game and wanted to play it again. Well, the interest is definitely present.  There has been a steady increase in the number of players every month. Next month, we will hold an official tournament with prizes!

I never thought I would actually play this game. I purchased a box set of LotR Wood Elves with the intention of using them as a HotT army.  At the Millennium Con 2011 swap meet, I picked up a starter box for $20, with no idea of what I would do with it. Charlie started his game nights and I was lucky to have the figs on hand. 

Two of the elves with bows ended up being re-purposed for my SoBaH war band called …

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen

If you know who he was, then you know his work in the early days of movie special effects.

A long list of his accomplishments can be found at

It is my belief that he should be made an unofficial Patron Saint of Model Builders and Miniature Painters.

My personal favorite of his creation is the Medusa from 'Clash of the Titans'. Does anyone else have a favorite monster or memorable movie moment?

Man-Summit 2013

Every year, my lovely bride organizes a “Girl’s Weekend” party. She and her entourage rent a house and spend the weekend there. The girls eat, drink, gossip and party far away from husbands, boyfriends or SO’s.  This year was no exception.

So, since she was having fun without me, I decided to do some partying of my own.
This past weekend, I hosted the first “Man Summit”. The simple goal was to have one big game party that would last the whole weekend with my house as the venue.
Well, I had several different games planned for this lovely event.  On Friday, I had planned to have an 'RPG' night.  I wanted to continue my Gurps: Prime Directive campaign with a new adventure.  Most of the players were excited to start up again but they had schedule conflicts. So, the PD campaign will wait until there is a better time.
Saturday morning was to be the 'Hex Paper and Counters' session which involved Avalon Hill games and similar stuff. There was no interest at all for that. 
The a…