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Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Everyone should have heard the news by now.  Leonard Nimoy the actor who brilliantly portrayed the character of 'My Spock' on 'Star Trek' has passed.

I am one of those Trekkies who is old enough to remember a world that included the original series TV show (and the short run of the animated TV show) and nothing else. No movies, No next generations, No J.J. Abrams...

I remember hearing the news that a Next Generation TV show was in the works and I thought to myself, "Nah! It will never happen." I was a hard-nosed realist in those days and I couldn't imagine that Star Trek, or sci-fi television for that matter, would ever be as popular as it is today. I was so wrong!

To put some perspective on the matter, the first episode of TOS was aired in 1966. Nimoy played the role of Spock for the first time wearing a gold turtleneck sweater.

His last performance was a cameo in the latest movie "Into Darkness" in 2013!

And all the episodes and movies in betw…

Star Trek Miniatures Games

This past weekend, I had a game of Starmada with my friend Ken. He and I have been long time Trekkies. We both wanted to try a Star Trek miniatures battle. Ken even purchased the 10-pound grab bag of Starfleet 2400 miniatures from Amarillo Design Bureau. I have been gathering some plastic minis from bargain bins at local game stores and I borrowed a set of metal Starfleet minis from another friend. Between the two of us, we had enough figs to setup a reasonable sized skirmish battle.

I attempted a game of Starmada before with Desert Scribe (some photos are here). We were both unfamiliar with the rules and struggled with some the details. In my recent game, Ken and I did much better but there we still made a few mistakes in game play. Ken played the Federation faction with a 1x Command Cruiser, 1x Heavy Cruiser, and 1x Frigate.  I took the Klingon faction with 1x D7C command cruiser, 1x D6 cruiser, and 1x F5 Frigate.

The game took three hours to complete despite the fact the results we…