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Lights! Camera! Action!

There is a local Internet VideoCast called GeekOutSA! It is hosted by Vince Guzman of ChimeraCon and the show is a forum for various 'geeky' topics such as comic books, sci-fi/fantasy tv shows and movies, etc. Vince invited me on the show to talk about the historical miniatures hobby, LSHM, and MillenniumCon. It was a fun time! We actually spent about an hour before the show started just chatting about various topics.

Below is a link to the show on YouTube. The show starts talking in detail about comics and "The Walking Dead". Around the 34 minute point, we start discussing miniatures. Check it out!

Encouraging new players

Lucky are the gamers who have family members with whom they can share in this crazy hobby.

The wife and I don't have children but, we have been blessed with a large amount of nieces and nephews. I've considered trying to encourage the hobby among the kids but I'm not sure which games would be successful with them.  The nephews are generally older teens and are in the "chasing girls and driving trucks" phase. They haven't shown much interest in my hobby no matter what the game.  That leaves me with lots of nieces. They are definitely not the ideal recruits for the war game hobby. Honestly, they would probably rather watch a Disney Sing-a-long marathon. Never the less, I started to think up some ideas for a game that they might like.

I dove into my storage closet and found my venerable copy of HeroQuest! Feelings of nostalgia overwhelmed me. I remembered what a great game this was and how much fun I had playing it as a kid. I decided that this was the right gam…

Intro to "I Ain't Been Shot Mum!"

We had planned a Flames of War game day this past Saturday but the turnout was light. Good thing that Garrett had also planned a introductory game of "I Ain't Been Shot Mum!" that same day. IABSM is another WWII miniatures game using the same size and bases as Flames of War.

For this game, Garrett laid out a beautiful map based on an actual location in northern France.  One of the features of IABSM is the map uses a 'true' scale with 15mm figs. If a figure or squad has line of sight to a target then they can hit that target assuming they have standard rifles or better.

Actions were determined by flipping the top card of the deck. Each card had a platoon's name or a leader's name on it. So, when a card is flipped, that platoon or leader could take action. There were two 'Tea Break' cards in the deck and once both of these cards have been pulled, the turn ends. This is a different system than the IGO-UGO routine in FoW and that created some tactical…

Introduction to All the King's Men

This past Thursday, I met up with Ed and Johnny for an intro game of All the King's Men. This is a fairly new game that can be played with 28mm figs or with the gorgeous 54mm figs.

My impressions of ATKM.. It's a fun, quick game with some simple mechanics. Ed taught the game to me and Johnny Rod in just a few minutes. The game is played with movement trays and usually 12 individuals to one tray.  Each tray is a single unit.  Every unit has a status of green, yellow, red, or tapped. This is to symbolize how tired the unit has become and it also indicates how well it can perform an attack and defend.

Each army has one or more commanders who can give one order. If a unit is given an order, it executes the order and then moves down one status level, (ex. green to yellow). Each unit has twelve hits and routs after losing half it's hits.  A standard deck of cards is used to determine which commander can act (red or black suite) and face cards (J, K, Q, A) results in some special…

Broken Elf Spears

Argh!  I hate it when the spears break off of the model especially on 10mm infantry stands.  It's especially bad on the Warmaster High Elf infantry. I just can't stand looking at a gorgeous line of elf warriors and seeing an missing spear.  What's worse is these elaborate Elvish spear points are uniquely detailed and barely wider than the narrow spear shafts.

My current painting project is to rehab an old GW High Elf army and most of the elf spears are bent, broken or twisted.  Efforts to fix the bent and twisted spears have resulted in only more broken spears. Ugh!

I searched on Google for others who may have run into the same issue and found a single article.  This player had decided to do away with the wonky spears altogether. He cut off all the original spears and replaced them with thick sewing needles. That seemed a bit crazy! Each stand had five sharp tiny daggers pointed skyward. I would need to take extra care when handling such models. If I weren't paying at…