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MillenniumCon 2012 - Sunday afternoon - Aerodrome

One of the advantages of conventions is you can play some games that you don't get to see often. One of the games I look forward to is Aerodrome, the WWI aerial combat game.

Mike Becnel brings his Aerodrome setup to MillCon every year. Here are some photos of the game.

MillenniumCon 2012 - Saturday Evening - Star Wars X-Wing combat

The Saturday evening highlight game was a simulated "Assault on the Death Star" scenario using the Star Wars: X-wing miniatures game by Final Flight Games.

The players were split into two sides; Empire vs. Rebels

There is really no need for me to describe the scenario, we have all seen the movie right?

The Empire players were given two standard T.I.E. fighters each and one player got the single experimental T.I.E. fighter for the 'big boss'. I chose the Rebel team and was given one Y-Wing bomber and one X-wing escort. I was given the call sign "Red Three".

The game hosts constructed a simple Death Star terrain map. They placed two large cardboard boxes together but left a 'trench' between the boxes. The boxes were wrapped in paper that was printed with Death Star terrain images. In addition, they placed some cardstock laser turrets around the metering map and in the trench. They even added a turn tracker schematic that to,d us how close the Deat…