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Lord of the Rings Tournament

Last month Charlie hosted our first Games Workshop Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Tournament at Dragon's Lair.

I participated and painted my first ever Lord of the Rings warband, 500 pts of Wood Elves. The whole week I furiously tried to get paint on the figures and successfully got all of the base color on them. Well mostly. I've come to the realization that I am just a slow painter.

My wood elves warband includes:

Legolas w/ armor
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades
4 Elf Warriors w/ Spears
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Bows

Wood Elf Captain w/ Bow and throwing Daggers
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades
4 Elf Warriors w/ Spears
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Bows

Arwen w/ horse (Asfaloth)
8 High Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades

This is not an army designed to win the tournament. Since this was my first tournament, I was really just interested in having a fun time.

Round #1, I was matched up with Brandon, who I've battled often. He fielded a group of Uruk-Hai with lots of pikes. The map was setup with the encampments in …

Venom Inc.

Last year, Chip hosted a fun "Song of Blades and Heroes" campaign that went on for many weeks. The warband I had created for that campaign, quite frankly, wasn't very good. The models I used were a random collection of fantasy figures from different product lines. I simply grabbed some of the pre-generated hero profiles from the back of the rulebook and applied a profile to each figure.  Alternatively, I could have used the online 'Warband builder' and customized each character and tried to 'min/max' each figure to the maximum combat ability permitted by the rules. Most of the other players did this with their warbands.

After the profiles were selected, I named the warband 'Venom Inc.'. The members are as follows.

Tierdelaira - Dark Elf priestess from Reaper minis, the Leader of the warband and all-around warrior. She seeks power, wealth and recruits minions to assist in this quest. Unfortu…