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Lord of the Rings Tournament

This past weekend, I participated in the second Lord of the Rings Tournament. After getting crushed at the last tournament, I was determined to place this time.

After many games with my Wood Elf army, I came to the conclusion that the list is just not competitive in the tournament environment. So, I painted up some Numenorian reinforcements to help the poor elves.

My army was led by Legolas and a band of wood elves including one Wood Elf sentinel.I exchanged another elf warband with a band of Numenorian warriors with shields, led by Boromir (Fellowship version). Removed the horse Asfaloth from Arwen and gave her an escort of 3 High Elf warriors. This resulted in a force of only 30 figures. I was hoping the Numenorians with their heavy armor, would improve the overall survivability.

In round one, I was matched up with Charlie, the tournament coordinator. He brought a force of orcs, goblins and warg riders. The overall theme of the tournament was “Take the Hill!”. Every table was setup …

Flying Lead, Napoleon at War, and Warmaster

Wow! I've been playing lots of games from different rules systems lately.   It's been difficult trying to remember how each one is played.  There comes a time when it all seems like a blur!

At last Tuesday's club night, we had a game of Ganesha's Flying Lead. It is the same rules for Song of Blades and Heroes but modified for a modern genre with firearms and explosives as the main weapons.

I enjoyed this game!  The only drawback was the activation mechanics don't necessarily fit with the kind of figures I was playing. I was given two squads of 'near-future' professional soldiers (figures from the AT-43 game), which I would imagine, should have no trouble moving across an open battlefield and staying in formation. But, the rules require activation rolls to move each soldier and after a few failures, my squads were horribly spread out and the figs were unable to support each other as I would expect professional soldiers to do.  Not a complaint about the game,…

X-Wing and HotT Battles

Stopped by the house of Desert Scribe for several games of Star Wars miniatures and Hordes of the Things.

Kerstan met up as well and the three of us played several games of Star Wars.  The Scribe had the three figures from the basic set: one TIE fighter, one TIE Interceptor, and one X-Wing. 

Each game we switched figures so that we had a chance to play each ship.  My favorite was the good ol' fashioned TIE fighter.  It's quick, nimble and get out harm's way in a hurry if necessary. In the hands of an experienced pilot, it can be deadly!

Later, we played some Hordes of the Things.  Scribe and I tried to convert Kerstan to the game and we may have succeeded. It is just so easy to put together an army quickly and Kerstan has plenty to 28mm figures to work with.

Game 1: Scribe took his flaming 'Sons of Muspel' army against my 'League of the Scarlet Falcon'. He was the defender and setup a large water hazard to disrupt my magician.

I was able to push back h…