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Warmaster Game Day

We held another Warmaster Game Day this past week. The AAR will be done by our guest poster DaBaron Aaron.  I've added some photos from the game.

Quote from Da Baron:
Warmaster was a blast on Sat. Leroux, Dave  Beeson and myself showed up and Dave took the side of Chaos and Leroux and I joined up to command the High Elves,

2000 pts split between the two of us, vs Daves 2000 pts of Chaos. I took most of the foot troops and Leroux took all the fast stuff and the flyers. Blake helped out while he was there - we set the forces up "double blind" with a board hiding the setup of both sides.
The game came down to 2 Chaos charges, one with the Chaos mounted slamming into the High Elf mounted, and the Chaos Warriors attempting to break a block of High Elf infantry. The Chaos Chariots took care of a unit of Silver Helms, and whittled two more units down, but lost a unit of Chariots in the process, with the attack finally stalling. The Warriors, however, managed to fail …

Smited by Flames of War

I've finally jumped onto the Flames of War bandwagon.  There is just too many players around my community and so much buzz about this game that I couldn't live as an outsider any longer. So, this year's birthday list included the Flames of War 3rd edition rulebook at the very top. My lovely wife was willing to oblige my request.

I called my friend and local FoW guru Biff and we put together a little 1000pt battle. Biff was the Germans and I was the steadfast British paratroopers. I asked that we stick with mostly infantry troops for this battle. I wanted to get more experience with the game and learn more about the tactics that make infantry successful.

My forces included.

Airlanding Company (British)Airlanding Company HQ
2 Cmd SMG Teams 1 PIAT Team 85 pts3 Airlanding Platoons1 Cmd Rifle/MG Team
1 PIAT Team
1 Light Mortar Team
5 Rifle/MG Teams660 ptsAirlanding Anti-Tank Platoon 1 Cmd Rifle Team
2 OQF 6-pound guns 85 ptsAirlanding Light Battery2 Cmd Rifle Teams
1 Staff Team
1 …

Star Fleet Battles, Klingon Armada

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  There was a game called Star Fleet Battles.  It was a rules bloated, counter and hex, mess of a spaceship combat game. And… I loved it!

Yes, it’s true. This statement alone could give my readers reason to suspect my mental stability.

The game was loathed by some players, revered by some players and possibly both loathed and revered by many others.

So, what was it that drew me to this game? I am a self-described Trekker and this game IMHO was the best simulation of ‘Star Trek’-style starship combat ever made. The game was so detailed that it really gave players a sense that the simulation could be based on actual starships.  For the analytical players , the tactics were rich and engaging with new strategies to consider with every new ship design.

Games like this often come with a rulebook so large that you might be killed if you were to fall asleep while reading it. SFB is no exception. The original game included ships from only seven races common…