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Easter Eggs for Hitler

One of my goals for 2016 is to complete a Mid-War US Rifle Company in time for the Mid-War FoWSA tournament on July 6th. My list will be a 1700pt US Rifle Company from the North Africa book. I've been documenting my progress as I've been painting and assembling each unit.

The Field Artillery Battery with M2A1 105mm Howitzers is completed. I used a the Battlefront box set for this unit. It includes 1 Command Carbine Team, 1 Staff Team, 1 Observer Carbine Team, 1 Jeep, and 4 M2A1 105mm Howitzers.

This was a really fun build. The box set was priced very high ($75). But, it is a critical component of virtually any US Army list in the game, so there is no avoiding it.

The set came with pre-styled bases for the howitzers and the staff team. It was a nice perk and added some realism to the unit.

For the Observer team, I found a fallen tree limb from my backyard, cut it to size and glued it to the base. In 15mm, the twig becomes a thick log to serve as improvised cover. More foliage …

Saga Night - Welsh vs. Anglo-Danes

Blake runs a monthly Saga Night at our FLGS. This month, the attendance was light. I showed up and so did Martin. He brought along his own collection of armies. I have not painted my Anglo-Saxon force as of yet. Instead, I used a group of Lord of the Rings figures as a stand-in for a Welsh army.
Initial forces

Standard Warlord
Monk advisor
8x Hearthguards w/ axes
8x Warriors
8x Warriors
12x Levies
=======7 Saga Dice

Standard Warlord
6x Hearthguard
5x Hearthguard
Banner Bearer
8x Warriors
8x Warriors
12x Levies
=======6 Saga Dice

(I now realize that I should have been rolling 7 Saga dice)

We chose to play the Clash of Warlords scenario. Martin setup his warriors and levies in a tight group in the right side. His warlord and monk advisor started right behind them, with the group of 8 Hearthguard bringing up the rear. On my side of the map, I spread out my units. I was hoping to push my troops to around the flank so I could draw the Anglo-Dane hearthguard away from the warlord.

I start…

Team Yankee - First Game

Carl and Wes showed up at the weekly LSHM Tuesday game night ready to play some Team Yankee. I have been looking forward to playing this game for a long time now. Carl had about 75 points of Soviets, Wes brought about 75 points of US troops

The scenario was called "Meeting Engagement". It was a simple smash and grab scenario with two objectives per side laid out on each side of the table. The forces consisted of the following:

USASovietInfantry and CarriersM113 APC platoon w/M47 Dragon teamBMP-2 platoonM113 APC platoon2x Bradley AFV w/chain gunAnti-AircraftM48 Chapparral SAM launcher2x SA-13 SAM launchersZSU-23-4 "Shilka"Tanks2x M1 Abrams MBT5x T-72 tanks2x M1 Abrams MBT5x T-72 tanksArtillery4x M109 Howitzer4x 2S1 M-1974 CarnationM113 observerBMP1 ObserverAnti-Tank VehiclesM901 TOW vehicle platoon
M901 TOW vehicle platoonRotary Aircraft
2x Hind helicopterFixed Wing Aircraft
2x SU-25 Frogfoot
Wes ran the US side; Carl and I ran the Soviets. Soviets were defending.

On t…