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Painting Projects for 2012

I was reviewing my personal goals for 2012 and found my list of the painting projects which I hope to complete by EOY.  This is an ambitious list and probably won't be completed this year.

Several other bloggers have posted their painting to-do's as well. Time management experts claim that you are more motivated to complete your list when you let others know your goals. Accountability creates the motivation.

Here is my list. The asterisks '*' denotes the level of priority.

Repaint the Warmaster High Elves, paint and base the new figs. This is a purchased army and needs to be stripped, painted and based. Broken spears issue needs a solution.*** Paint my new SoBaH warband, New figs have been purchased. New figs need painting. Existing elf archers need to be stripped, repainted. existing leader needs touch up, ** Touch up the 'Sons of Liberty', 15mm HotT army with AWI theme, Rhode Island regiment is purchased, needs painting, some existing units need touch-up, 1s…

Kobolds vs. Aliens

Cowboys, Rifles, and Simplistic Rules

It’s time for me to catch up on my gaming reports. There have been many games played these past weeks. I just haven’t gotten the AAR typed up on the blog. There have been several LHSM game nights since my last post and there is something of interest to report for each session.
Earlier this month, Dennis brought some beautifully painted minis with accompanying rules from two different historical genres for the group to enjoy.  One was the freebie download game called ‘Chosen Men’, a Napoleonic skirmish game loosely inspired by the ‘Sharpe’s Rifles’ movies and the other was ‘Desperado’, a quick-play Old West game.
When I arrived, the group was setting up a game of Desperado.  I was told to grab two minis out of Dennis’ storage and whatever weapon was depicted in the figure’s hand would be the weapon used by the character in the game. I picked a lanky cowboy with a shotgun (I called him ‘Slim’) and a stout hombre with a sombrero and a pistola (called him ‘Flaco’). The shotgun came with …

Alien Swamps

Critical Mass Games put together an incredible miniature table for the Salute 2012 convention in the UK. It is an alien swamp world for a 15mm skirmish game.  Please click the link below for the posting on the Alien Dungeon blog.

I would have loved to use this map for my GURPS: Prime Directive game

Alien Dungeon: Alien Swamps: I often marvel at the amazing terrain and miniatures that people produce that never gets the recognition that they deserve. Along those line...