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Millenium Con 2012 - Saturday Morning

Day 2 of MillenniumCon 2012 - Saturday Monring

Suvarov vs. Napoleon 1799

On Saturday morning, I was originally signed up to play the 54mm 'All the King's Men' game but instead I squeezed myself into a gigantic 25mm Napoleonics game on a 6' x 18' table.  The game used the Carnage and Glory II ruleset.  The game was managed by the GM with a laptop at one end of the table. Each miniature unit was given a designation number and a label.  When each players moved, charged or shot at another unit, they player would report the unit number and target number to the GM. The GM entered the info and reported the results to the group.

This was easily the largest game I've ever played and it was absolutely awesome!  Ten players were involved and after four hours of fighting, the outcome was still in dispute.  We all agreed that another four hours were necessary.

Thanks to Jim Dunnam and Michael Gesser for setting it up!

My Picasa Album with more MilleniumCon 2012 photos


MillenniumCon 2012 - Friday Evening

This is the first of five AAR's from the events I attended at MillenniumCon 2012.  I was so glad to be able to spend the whole weekend at the con for a change. At previous conventions, I've had to leave early due to lack of funds or other obligations.

For the Friday evening session, I attended the Star Navy game playtest game hosted by Desert Scribe.  I am always interested in a good spaceship combat game and the 5150: Star Navy rules provided a satisfying experience.  The game mechanics are very simple and based on the Two Hours Wargames 5150 rules which cover many different genres.

The Scenario:
Each player took a flotilla of ships which represented an independent faction. As rumor had it, a large, undefended convoy was en route to an asteroid field in deep space.  All four factions received the same intel and arrived at the asteroid field at exactly the same time.  The convoy however, was not as undefended as they had all hoped.

Desert Scribe posted more photos on his blog …

FoWSA 2012

My, my, my... How time flies! It has been quite a few months since my last post here. Actually, it has been a long time since I last did any miniature wargaming at all.

This long hiatus has been due to my new employment situation. I have recently moved from the ranks of the unemployed to the ranks of the gainfully employed. Hooray!

It has been a struggle for to make the transition from being unemployed to routine shift work. Forty-five hours per week are no longer mine as well as another 1.5 hours or more each day in fighting traffic.  Nevertheless, I fully intend to keep up with my gaming and social life as they are an important part of my overall health and happiness. I plan to squeeze in as much gaming time as can be done reasonably. Hey, a man has to have hobbies right? I've found that a balance between work time and fun time is much more sustainable than living life solely for a career. Balance can be achieved! I will just have to be more disciplined with my schedule.

So, des…