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OwlCon: Ogre

OWLCon is a RPG/Boardgame/Miniatures convention held every year on the campus of Rice University in Houston, TX.  I was able to make the trip and participate for Saturday only.

This is a great convention! It has a mix of RPGs, boardgames, and miniatures so everyone can find something that fits their tastes.

I showed up for the morning session of OGRE in the dining area of the small cafe. It was convenient for me because the day just doesn't begin for me without a cup of coffee!

Basically, the game was HUGE! A series of five boards lined up side-by-side. The same scenario was setup on each board with three players per board. Two attacking players commanded on MkV Ogre each while the third player ran a fencer.  The GM handled the infantry units, GEVs, laser towers and howitzers on all the boards.

I played one of the MkV's. My co-OGRE was commanded by young paduwan Daniel. Our opponent was William.
The Order of Battle was as follows:

2x Mk V Ogres

1x fencer
2x laser tow…