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Rogue Stars sessions

Rogue Stars is the newest sci-fi variation from Ganesha Games. It uses the same action/reaction system used in the Song of Blades in Heroes game. The major difference is the dice. SoBaH uses three d6 dice for activation while RS uses a single d20. Miniatures can be from any manufacturer and are only limited by the player's imagination.

This is a skirmish-style game where both players have small squads of miniatures with less than 10 characters. Each character is created buy purchasing skills, powers and equipment from a long list of sci-fi tropes. Examples are psionics, blaster guns, laser swords etc. Each squad is assigned a theme such as bounty hunters, militia, miners, star cops, or pirates.

Combat is more complex than your typical miniatures game. Most notably, each hit can be applied to a specific body location. Some modifiers are used when trying to place hits on non-humanoid characters. There are also a large number of modifiers to apply hits. And the damage tables can res…