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Force-on-Force and Marine Boarding Operations

One of my favorite ways to spend a lazy summer afternoon is by taking a quick trip to the local Half Price Books. I just never know what I might find there. On this most recent visit, I picked up a copy of Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games. It is a miniatures game designed to recreate modern era skirmish level battles from 1950's to the present. Typcial forces include, SAS commandos, Navy Seal Teams, Marine Recon, Spetznaz, Middle East Insurgents and so forth.

I've only browsed through the rules so far but it appears to be promising.  The designer notes that the game puts an emphasis on the quality of the soldiers and not on the type of weaponry. This makes sense to me. I imagine any soldier from any modern army would be well trained and deadly at close range with just about any kind of slug throwing weapons in their possession. 

Strangely, this game does not provide any army lists. There are no point systems to build an army. Everything is based on scenarios that determin…