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Song of Blades and Heroes at MillenniumCon 16

The Convention MillenniumCon 16 was held in Round Rock, Texas on November 8-10th.  Once again, it was a successful event with over 100+ game sessions.

MillenniumCon is the largest historical miniature wargame convention in the state of Texas.

This year, I was part of the convention staff and got to see what happens 'behind-the-curtain'.  I learned a lot about how the convention is organized and coordinated.  It was a great experience!

Fortunately, I was able to break away from those duties to host the 'Song of Blades and Heroes' game session.

The Scenario The scenario was a multi-player treasure hunt.  The game borrowed heavily from the Chicago Skirmish Wargamers' scenario called 'The Dead Rise'. Please visit their blog! Basically, the map had several terrain features like rubble and tree stands, surrounding a single large crypt.  Partially collapsed walls were spread around the map to break up the line of sight.

The objective of this game was to collect m…