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Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello World!  Welcome to my new blog.  

I created the Painted Thumb so that I could share my passion for tabletop games of all types and my general interest for geeky topics.  I am motivated by the general success of the excellent blog Super Galactic Dreadnought by Desert Scribe.  Also, I've found that Facebook just isn't very good at specifically targeting a small audience.  I prefer to share my game-related news and stories with just those people who would appreciate the subject matter.  My Facebook audience includes friends, family, and co-workers.  Most of them couldn't care less about my hobbies and frankly, some are a little frightened.  I think a blog will allow me to discuss these topics with enough depth to be satisfying and still have an engaged audience.

This blog will include after-action reports of various games, but on occasion I'll include reviews of books, movies, or TV that I've seen recently.

A little bit of personal information.  I am a middle-aged gamer who cut his teeth on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in the 80's.  My gaming group included mostly my high school friends.  Back then, we dabbled with several different games; Champions, Gamma World, Boot Hill, Car Wars, Star Fleet Battles, Risk, and Siamese Chess.  Later in college, I got very serious with Star Fleet Battles, taught a non-credit class on how to play the game and even ran a few tournaments.  After college, my time was taken up with building a career and chasing girls, but still managed to dabble with Magic the Gathering, BattleTech, Axis & Allies, and AD&D 2nd Edition.  Recently, I met up with the Lone Star Historical Miniatures Society and started playing miniatures games in the historical, fantasy, and science-fiction genres. 

Still reading?  Great! On to the first after-action report!

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