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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New optional HotT unit

At the Stronghold Rebuilt, Kaptain Kobold has posted an old article describing an alternative unit for HotT called the Extraordinaires.  These units represent light infantry that carry all sorts of nasty unusual weapons like "incendiaries, corrosives or biologicals such as Greek Fire siphons, hand-hurled naphtha bombs, Chinese fire lances, quick lime or hornets’ nests."  What fun!  It makes me wonder why this unit was never included in the HotT rules originally.  For the details, click here.  Remember, these units are not part of the standard HotT rules.  Discuss with your opponent about including these in your army.

This alternate rule helps solve a problem I've had with my "League of the Scarlet Falcon" army.  The army has always included two units that look like Shooters.  One, I have designated as a Shooter, and the other I designated as a Warband.  It's often confusing to my opponents and I'd really like to do something to fix it.  Here are the pictures to explain the problem.

These guys look like shooters. They have guns!

But, wait!  These guys look like shooters too!  Oy vey!

So, which unit is the 'Shooters'?   The archers are the Shooters.

But, now I want to modify the 'Warband' and convert it to an Extraordinaire.  Perhaps I'll add some figs or possibly some terrain to make them look more like a Combat Engineer platoon.  Maybe there is something in the GW Empire line that would fit ?

1 comment:

  1. There's no reason why troops with guns can't be Shooters, as well as those with bows - different weapons, but in HOTT they have the same basic effect. My Conquistadors have two elements of Shooters, one with guns, one with crossbows ;)

    I run my flamethrower- and bomb-armed rats as Warband, by the way. Dangerous but brittle.