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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Romans have landed

For the Senate and People of Rome!  The Republican Roman army from Pendraken finally arrived this past week.  Woot!  Blake put together a great 10mm army for me using a combination of new and old sculpts. These figures will be used for Warmaster Ancients.  While Blake is the only other WMA player I know, I'll bet we could find some more players after we do a few demo games.

The army will consist of the standard Republican legion including Hastati, Principes, and Triarii.  Included with the legions will be units of heavy cavalry, light cavalry, Latin allies, Velites, and Alai infantry.

I am very much looking forward to painting this army and getting it out on the battlefield.  However, there is plenty of lead on my workbench waiting for some attention.  It may be awhile before I start painting these Romans.

That might give me alot of time learn more about the history of this army and the Republican period of Rome.  This army is supposed to represent an army from the pre-Marius reforms.  I expect it to operate much more like a ancient Greece hoplite army only with more cavalry.  The army will be commanded by an awesome figure representing the great general Scipio, who led the real Roman army to victory against the hordes of Hannibal.

General Scipio Africanus


  1. Cool! I don't plan on getting into 10mm, but I would certainly give the game a try.

    1. That would be outstanding! Blake has a few armies he can loan out. I'll let you know of any demo days in the near future.