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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starfleet Wars with Desert Scribe

Last Thursday, I was invited to participate in Desert Scribe's "Chancellor" campaign using the Starfleet Wars sci-fi ship combat rules.  It's a solid, compact rule set that doesn't get too bogged down in minutiae.  It was great fun and I was able to command a rag-tag fugitive fleet of Avarian transport vessels as part of the "Battle of Vertex".  During the battle, my ships were able to escape form the evil intentions of the super galactic dreadnought "Chancellor". Well, here is the link to Scribe's after action report with the details and photos of the game.  Here a few additional pictures I took using an IPhone app called Photosynth.  The app basically grabs a sequence of side by side photos and stitches them together to make a single panoramic picture.

This scene shown here is the "Battle of Vertex" in progress.  The grey colored ships represent my transport convoy.  The big red star-destoyer ship is the "Chancellor" attempting to intercept my innocent convoy.  The green ships are the noble Avarian star fleet attempting to protect the transports.  For the full after action report, please check out Desert Scribe's blog here.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics, and thanks again for coming over to play the convoy.

  2. Great photos! However, I'm noticing an ever-so slight bias towards the Avarian forces. ;)