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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warmaster Battles

They say a old games never die, they're just played by old gamers.  Forgive me for paraphrasing General McArthur, but I think this statement is true.  And there is no other game that epitomizes this better than Games Workshop's Warmaster.  The game is published under GW's Specialist Games label.  It was designed by Rick Priestly who is no longer affiliated with GW.  (see his personal website here).  The game represents large-scale battle in the GW Fantasy setting.  IMHO, it is the most impressive looking miniatures games once all the figs are laid out on the table.

Somehow I never played this game during it's heyday in the mid-2000's.  But, I've met plenty of gamers who have fond memories for it and wish to pick it up again.  So, a by a strange twist of fate, I bought a High Elf army at MillenniumCon 13.  I was solely interested in using the set of 3 Great Eagles as a stand of flyers for HotT, but the previous owner was willing to part with the whole army for a song!

Interest has grown among the locals and I hope to see a Warmaster tournament in the near future.  Ted and Chip from LSHM were willing to teach me and help boost my army up to 1500 points.  Ted was willing to give me a quick shake down of the rules.  We had a quick little battle between Chip's High Elves vs. Ted's unpainted Empire troops.  Sure enough, I learned a great new rules set (well, new to me anyway)
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As word spread around the community, more gamers were dusting off their old armies.  LSHM setup a grand two on two battle at Dragon's Lair.  The four armies represented were Chaos and Goblins (Mike & Dave) vs.  Dark Elves and Undead (Mark R. & Blake).  I didn't participate, but I was there to photograph the game.   These were some of the finest looking armies I've ever seen.

Chaos General on Dragon leading his troops

Chaos Chariots

Chaos General

Six Headed Hydra

Dark Elf Infantry

Chaos Hellhounds

Goblin General

Evil Harpies

Goblin Infantry

Goblin Knights & Chariots

A massive line of Undead!  Nine units of infantry!!
Kudos to Mike, David, Blake and Mark R. for some nicely detailed armies.


  1. Those Chaos chariots are gorgeous. I recognise a Man O'War sea-serpent as part of one of them, but I;d be interested in a clearer shot or a description of the concept behind them.

    1. Agreed about the chariots. Won't get a chance to ask about them until we meet up at our next Warmaster game. I think Dave described them as a 'Shroud of Chaos' pulling the chariots forward.