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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Khet, American Cancer Society, and HotT Battles

This weekend there will be a Khet Tournament at Dragon's Lair-San Antonio to benefit the American Cancer Society-Relay For LifeKhet is a chess-like game, but instead of capturing the opponents pieces by moving your piece to an occupied square, you use a small laser beam to target the enemy piece.  The units in play all have reflective mirrors that can redirect the laser beam away from friendly pieces or toward enemy pieces.  It requires some strategic thinking in a similar way that chess does.

Most importantly, this is a charity tournament, so the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and their efforts.  My wife and I were heavily involved in the ACS.  We participated by coordinating the local Relay for Life for three years. It was truly satisfying work, and I am glad to be able to help again.  My wife lost a very dear family member to cancer.  We recently lost one of our relay committee members to this horrible disease as well.  Nearly everyone has a relative, friend or associate who has been affected by cancer.  If you are in the San Antonio area and would like to participate, please check out the Facebook page or meet us at Dragon's Lair around 1pm on Saturday, March 31st.

In Tuesday night action, we had another double game of HotT.  This time I took my 'League of the Scarlet Falcon' troops padded up to 48 points with some of Chip's Empire guys, versus Chip and Johnny with a combo army of the Dark Elf 'Purple Nurples' and some alien Confrontation figs.

It was a quick battle mostly because of bad planning on my part.  My army was bogged down by too many 'open terrain' troops (Spears and Knights).   Chip was able to move some Warband into the trees on my left flank.   The WB's just cut down my lines of spears in the terrain way too easily and my Magician-General, in charge of the left half of the battle, just couldn't make a roll.  Chip wisely placed a Cleric next to his Hero-General to throw off my Magician's attack.

I also made a Knight charge on some of Chip's archers which was a huge mistake.  The left half finally routed out and we called it a loss for the League and allies.

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