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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starfleet Wars Photos

Getting a bit behind on my blogging this week.  Spring break is always a weird time at my household.  We don't have any children so spring break is usually the biggest non-event of the year.  Nevertheless, we always find a way to be busy.

Desert Scribe sent out another call for Starfleet Wars players to resolve the next engagement of the 'Chancellor' campaign.  So, me and some of the LSHM guys from San Antonio made the short trip to the Scribe's place to play it out.  The game was over far too early, but that's how it goes in campaign games.  Not every battle will be a nicely balanced fight.

Below are my photos of the event. Desert Scribe posted his photos and full AAR on his blog here.  Highly recommended!

We started with a large convoy of transports, escorted by a large complement of Avarian ships.

I commanded a flight of four Falcon-class cruisers and covered the right side of the battlespace.

The enemy Valiant-class Dreadnought, moved directly toward my cruisers.

The fleet moved toward the outgunned dreadnought.

The dreadnought received heavy blaster fire from all Avarian ships and started taking damage.

The combined fire from 10 ships finally brought down the mighty "Noble Knight Prince".

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  1. Cool pics! Thanks for making the trip out here, even if the game was a little shorter than anticipated.