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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warmaster Spring-2012 Tournament AAR

LSHM-San Antonio held a one-day Warmaster Fantasy Battles Tournament at Dragon's Lair on Saturday, March 24th. We had four participants and several bystanders watching with rapt attention.

The participants included: Mark R (Dark Elves), Dave (Chaos), Jake (High Elves w/Dragon), and Mark L (High Elves w/Cavalry).

The tournament lasted two rounds with Mark R. defeating Jake's High Elves and Dave's Horde's of Chaos to take the Championship award.

Warmaster is an older game but many players have fond memories of it. LSHM-San Antonio plans to hold more Warmaster events so dust off those old armies. We would be happy to see you at the next event.

Mark L's High Elves

Chaos chariots pulled by Harpies

Jake's High Elf Dragon

High Elf Eagles

High Elves vs. Chaos

Chaos vs. Dark Elves


  1. Man, I wish they would reprint or at least sell a pdf of the ancients rules.

    In the meantime, keep posting reports.

    1. Yes, I feel fortunate to have found a local hobby shop that had a copy of the Ancients rules. I think it is available at Amazon but the going price is ridiculous!