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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kobolds, Prepare for Glory!

This week in Tuesday night action will be Song of Blades and Heroes night. I am considering what kind of warband I will bring to the table.

I remembered that I had put together a Kobold-only warband using some paper counters downloaded off the interwebs. Using the pre-made Kobold profiles from the Song of Blades and Heroes rules, I created a huge (20+figures) warband. Most of the Kobold units were 15 points or less (300 pts total). I recalled that I used this warband in one battle against Johnny Rod.

I don't recall if I won that battle but I do remember the Kobolds fared better than expected.

So, today, I searched my storage cabinets again. I found the old paper figs, reorganized the warband a little, and mounted the figs on pennies. The new Kobold Paper Army of Death features 18 stands, one shaman for magical attacks, some shielded warriors who can take advantage of the shield wall formation, and some elite warriors with stealth ability.

Some of you may scoff at the idea of using paper figs for a miniatures game.  But, I pose this question to you. Would you really pay money for kobold figs?

Some inspiration came from a post on the Old Guy Gaming blog. The author, Mike Summers, describes his love of kobolds in this post. Basically, he says that kobolds can be devastatingly effective when using "superior numbers, surprise, sniper attacks, and a kamikazi attitude".

Anyway, I think this army will be fun to play and memorable even if it isn't effective in game terms. If it turns out badly, I still have another warband waiting on the workbench. Onwards to victory! My mighty blue warriors!


  1. "Would you really pay money for kobold figs?"

    Yes :)

    1. LOL! My apologies to the good Kaptain. You are a notable exception sir!

      Lo and behold. I've found some actual kobold minis 15mm at For anyone interested, they are in the Goblinoids section. Who knew?