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Friday, May 18, 2012

Painting Projects for 2012

I was reviewing my personal goals for 2012 and found my list of the painting projects which I hope to complete by EOY.  This is an ambitious list and probably won't be completed this year.

Several other bloggers have posted their painting to-do's as well. Time management experts claim that you are more motivated to complete your list when you let others know your goals. Accountability creates the motivation.

Here is my list. The asterisks '*' denotes the level of priority.

  1. Repaint the Warmaster High Elves, paint and base the new figs. This is a purchased army and needs to be stripped, painted and based. Broken spears issue needs a solution.***
  2. Paint my new SoBaH warband, New figs have been purchased. New figs need painting. Existing elf archers need to be stripped, repainted. existing leader needs touch up, **
  3. Touch up the 'Sons of Liberty', 15mm HotT army with AWI theme, Rhode Island regiment is purchased, needs painting, some existing units need touch-up, 1st Cavalry coats are the same shade of brown as the horses, needs new color for horses. label each stand with corresponding historical unit name.Needs to be ready for Milcon**
  4. Complete the 'Sons of Liberty' stronghold, paint the stronghold banner, building a redoubt, cannon, crew, and commander are completed.Needs to be ready for MilCon**
  5. Paint the Dwarf HotT army, and build stronghold; 25mm HotT army based on the GW Warhammer Dwarf Miners, need some goblin slave figs to man the stronghold. primed, painted based. *
  6. Paint Sci-Fi minis, paint up the units purchased for the Prime Directive RPG. *
  7. Paint the Battle of Five Armies game, game is on the shelf and is begging for love. Whole set needs painting, basing. *
  8. Decal the shields for HotT Empire army, paint the extra units*
  9. Paint new Early Romans army. *
  10. Paint the LotR Wood Elves and Goblins for LotR battle game.
  11. Paint the Wood Elves HotT army.
  12. Paint Native American HotT army
  13. Create a Flames of War army, purchase and paint a 1700 pt army, either U.S. or Soviet.
  14. Buy&Paint some SFB minis & play a Starfleet Commander game for Tuesday night

In addition, I have a Prime Directive game I'd like to pickup again. I need to do some serious background development to continue. The game is documented on the Obsidian Portal web hosting site. The game is called the Star Fleet Academy class of Y143.

On the someday maybe list, I have a secret project for a WWII miniatures game that combines RPG elements, includes aircraft and ground units.


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