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Smited by Flames of War

I've finally jumped onto the Flames of War bandwagon.  There is just too many players around my community and so much buzz about this game that I couldn't live as an outsider any longer. So, this year's birthday list included the Flames of War 3rd edition rulebook at the very top. My lovely wife was willing to oblige my request.

I called my friend and local FoW guru Biff and we put together a little 1000pt battle. Biff was the Germans and I was the steadfast British paratroopers. I asked that we stick with mostly infantry troops for this battle. I wanted to get more experience with the game and learn more about the tactics that make infantry successful.

My forces included.

Airlanding Company (British)
Airlanding Company HQ
2 Cmd SMG Teams
1 PIAT Team
85 pts
3 Airlanding Platoons 1 Cmd Rifle/MG Team
1 PIAT Team
1 Light Mortar Team
5 Rifle/MG Teams
660 pts
Airlanding Anti-Tank Platoon
1 Cmd Rifle Team
2 OQF 6-pound guns
85 pts
Airlanding Light Battery 2 Cmd Rifle Teams
1 Staff Team
1 Observer Rifle Team
2 M1A1 75mm pack Howitzers

140 pts

The Germans began with some of the units deployed on the board, some more units including two StuG tanks to arrive on turns 1-3, and some units deployed hidden on the map. Two objectives were placed on the board for me to capture and hold. Biff dropped one of his platoons on the nearest objective and dug in.

I setup the paratroopers in a line across the board since I didn't know where all the Germans were deployed.  I slowly advanced the troopers ahead of the light artillery. We made it to the road before the hidden platoon revealed itself and fired. The StuG's arrived and stationed themselves right in the middle of the map.

Paratroopers advancing on the dug in German platoon. Another German platoon is deployed hidden in the buildings.
I started dropping artillery fire on the StuG's and amazingly the dice rolls went my way. The light 75mm howitzer took out one tank! Biff was stunned at the sight. He had never before witnessed a German tank destroyed by light artillery.  

Beginner's luck I'd guess.

One of my platoons was pinned down by a sniper and it spent most of the game in a fruitless effort to kill the sniper.

Biff pulled the remaing StuG around the houses and tried to flank my troopers. The 6-pounders were there to meet him.

Despite all the success against the tanks, my infantry got chewed up by the concealed platoon. We called the game when it was clear that I had no chance of pushing the Germans off the objectives.   

Sounds like I'll need another training game with the infantry.

Now that I have the third edition rules, I am most excited about the fact that I can participate in the annual Flames of War tournament of which Biff is the coordinator. It is a major event in our local gaming community and it always has a good turnout. I'll have to borrow an army from some kind-hearted individual as I doubt I could assemble my own 1500pt FoW army by September.


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