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Warmaster Game Day

We held another Warmaster Game Day this past week. The AAR will be done by our guest poster DaBaron Aaron.  I've added some photos from the game.

Quote from Da Baron:
Warmaster was a blast on Sat. Leroux, Dave  Beeson and myself showed up and Dave took the side of Chaos and Leroux and I joined up to command the High Elves,

2000 pts split between the two of us, vs Daves 2000 pts of Chaos. I took most of the foot troops and Leroux took all the fast stuff and the flyers. Blake helped out while he was there - we set the forces up "double blind" with a board hiding the setup of both sides.

The game came down to 2 Chaos charges, one with the Chaos mounted slamming into the High Elf mounted, and the Chaos Warriors attempting to break a block of High Elf infantry. The Chaos Chariots took care of a unit of Silver Helms, and whittled two more units down, but lost a unit of Chariots in the process, with the attack finally stalling. The Warriors, however, managed to fail miserably and got taken out by two units of mounted Reavers.

Turn 3 saw the Chaos Hero on Dragon and the Chaos General join the remmants of the mounted units and tried to crack the remaining HIgh Elf mounted, but again the attack stalled with some lousy dice rolling. With the General attached to a unit now and vulnerable, we threw everything we could at it in an attempt to win the game as we were just about exactly tied on points. We pounded them with everything we had but the tough Chaos armour held up and they pushed us back but decided to pursue the combat another round. They hit hard but we withstood being annihilated and threw everything back at the General, taking the unit down to one stand. That was enough to force Dave to call off the attack as he had again won the round but didnt want to lose the game by losing the General. After adding up points, we had destroyed enough of his high price units to have a slight favor in points, but we called the game a draw...

It was a blast to get this awesome game back out on the table and the minis on the board. Hope you guys can make the next game...

I also captured a nice video of Dave as he was mulling over his next move early in the game.


  1. Looks fun, thanks for sharing. I hope to see more.

  2. Beautifully painted minis, especially those Chaos forces. I loved that video; decisions, decisions. Poor Dave, LOL!

  3. Dave's Chaos army is always a hit. The converted Chaos chariots with the 'Shroud of Chaos' pulling the carts is just awesome! He's got some stone trolls that never seem to participate in combat which look awesome. And there will certainly be more Warmaster. I'd really like to see us start a WM campaign. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I'm stopping by to let you know that you've been tagged in today's blog post. Report to the Transporter Room! Hehe


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