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Monday, July 23, 2012

Flying Lead & Red Sand, Blue Sky

Not much game activity has been going on lately.  Chip, Grant and myself tried out the game Flying Lead.  It is a variant of the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset but changes were made to accomodate a more modern setting.  The ruleset can handle many settings from Old West to Near-Future.  Clearly, this means that slug-throwers rather than swords and shields are the primary weapons. We played two games and I felt some satisfaction with the rulesset.  Enough so, that I would like to try the game again.  Sadly, I didn't take any photos of that game.

However, I was digging through the photo archives today and found some photos of a game of Red Sand, Blue Sky, the Gladiator combat game by Two Hour Games.  This game took place back in early May 2012 with Chip, Blake, and Blake's son Hunter.

I don't remember the details of the game we played.  I can recall that I had a good time.  The rules were simple but not so much that it became simplistic. The characters are broken up into three size classes; light (good speed,light armor), medium(all-around quality), and heavy (slow, but good armor). The combat was bloody but it did seem difficult to finish off an opponent even when they were critically injured.  Both Chip and I had serious leg wounds but were able to run around the arena while a healthy Hunter pursued us for several turns. The game finally ended with Chip and I begging for mercy from the Master of Ceremonies. Mercy was granted and the game ended.

Some of the figures were partially painted as Blake had been using most of his workbench time preparing the materials for his wargaming class.  We talked about starting a campaign game which I thought was a great idea! In a campaign game, the players assume the role of owner/trader who maintains a stable of gladiators.  Bouts are scheduled and played out with the gladiators developing their skills as the season progresses. Hopefully, we can start when Blake is finished with his classes.

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