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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MillenniumCon 2012 - Friday Evening

This is the first of five AAR's from the events I attended at MillenniumCon 2012.  I was so glad to be able to spend the whole weekend at the con for a change. At previous conventions, I've had to leave early due to lack of funds or other obligations.

For the Friday evening session, I attended the Star Navy game playtest game hosted by Desert Scribe.  I am always interested in a good spaceship combat game and the 5150: Star Navy rules provided a satisfying experience.  The game mechanics are very simple and based on the Two Hours Wargames 5150 rules which cover many different genres.

The Scenario:
Each player took a flotilla of ships which represented an independent faction. As rumor had it, a large, undefended convoy was en route to an asteroid field in deep space.  All four factions received the same intel and arrived at the asteroid field at exactly the same time.  The convoy however, was not as undefended as they had all hoped.

The 'Treasure' Convoy, composed of familiar Star Frontiers minis
The 'Yellow' faction, my ships, hoping to snatch a freighter or two.

Yellow fighters rushing toward the fight between Purple and Orange factions
The Purple faction attempting to navigate the asteriods.
Desert Scribe posted more photos on his blog at Super Galactic Dreadnought: Sunday Starships: Star Navy at Millenniumcon

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