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Sunday, January 27, 2013

MillenniumCon 2012 - Saturday Afternoon HotT Tourny

MillenniumCon 2012 - Hordes of the Things Tourny

Every year I look forward to this HotT tournament. MilleniumCon hosts the tourny every year.  I won it last year with my 'Sons of Liberty' army, but this year I had to settle for second place.  James Hughes' excellent 'Conan' army took first place.

Blake Radetsky usually serves as judge for this event, but he had other obligations this year.  Warren Jackson stepped in an did a great job.  Here is Warren's recap of the rounds.

Sons of Liberty in battle with angry Orcs

Filling in for DBx maestro Blake Radetsky, I had the opportunity to officiate a lively open tournament for five players, two of whom are juniors new to the game, using second edition rules with the LSHM Shooter/Warband amendments and 40 mm frontage armies.  We didn't have Blake, but he sent his snappy terrain up from San Antonio for our use.  Thanks, Blake!

Round 1 found experienced players paired with junior players and excellent sporting attitude was displayed.  Mark Leroux, defending his championship title from last year with his Sons of Liberty, faced junior Sebastian Neff commanding the Steampunk Empire army, beautifully modelled by James Hughes.  Running another army painted by James Hughes was John Neff, who nicknamed his army, "Elven Delight."  He faced junior James Stewart, playing my "Return of the Troll King" army.  James Hughes ran his Conan army against me as non-scoring judge (Persian Epic).  Results of Round 1 saw James Hughes ahead after a solid win; whereas, the other two matches were drawn.

In Round 2, Conan (James Hughes) took a hard-fought win from Mark's Sons of Liberty and remained in control of the standings.  John moved into position for some bling with an Elven Delight win over the non-scoring Persian Epic army, bagging the head of his first enemy general.  The juniors battled to a draw between the Troll King and the Steampunk Empire.

In a final and decisive Round 3, John Neff's Elven Delight upset the winning streak of James Hughes by defeating Conan and bagging yet another enemy general head!  The Sons of Liberty defeated the Troll King and the Steampunk Empire put up a good fight, but could not deny the Persians a win.  In the end, John Neff had claimed two enemy generals, but it was not enough to offset the high scoring armies of Conan and the Sons of Liberty.  The final standings were as follows: James Hughes (Conan, 38 pts); Mark Leroux (Sons of Liberty, 27 pts); John Neff (Elven Delight, 25 pts); James Stewart (Troll King, 14 pts); and Sebastian Neff (Steampunk Empire, 7 pts).

Thanks to all who played in this fun tournament.  We hope to see you again next year!

Warren T. Jackson
The Sons vs. Conan
Steampunk vs. Troll King


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make that tournament. Hopefully I can play in the HotT tourney at the 2013 Millcon.

  2. You definitely need to participate next year! You'll need an army on 40mm bases, however, not sure if you have one. There was one guy who showed up with the 60mm bases and had to bow out. Loaner armies were available but he wasn't interested.