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Sunday, March 31, 2013

MillenniumCon 2012 - Saturday Evening - Star Wars X-Wing combat

The Saturday evening highlight game was a simulated "Assault on the Death Star" scenario using the Star Wars: X-wing miniatures game by Final Flight Games.

The players were split into two sides; Empire vs. Rebels

There is really no need for me to describe the scenario, we have all seen the movie right?

The Empire players were given two standard T.I.E. fighters each and one player got the single experimental T.I.E. fighter for the 'big boss'. I chose the Rebel team and was given one Y-Wing bomber and one X-wing escort. I was given the call sign "Red Three".

"Red Three standing by!"

The game hosts constructed a simple Death Star terrain map. They placed two large cardboard boxes together but left a 'trench' between the boxes. The boxes were wrapped in paper that was printed with Death Star terrain images. In addition, they placed some cardstock laser turrets around the metering map and in the trench. They even added a turn tracker schematic that to,d us how close the Death Star was to the rebel base. It was a very pretty map made with purely paper terrain.

The game play was much different than I expected. There was very little dogfighting and maneuvering. The primary goal of the Y- Wings was to rush toward the trench as quickly as possible, enter the trench, avoid fire from the turrets, and make a success roll to hit the exhaust port. Meanwhile. the TIE's fired everything they had at the Rebel ships.

"Look at the size of that thing!"

"We've picked up a new group of signals. Enemy fighters headed your way!"

"I'll cross the axis and try to draw their fire."

"I got a little cooked but I'm okay"

"Stay on target!"

"Loosen up!"

I turned my X-wing toward the pursuing TIEs and was vaporized immediately. That sacrifice helped my Y reach the trench before any other rebel ships. But, the trench turrets cut down the Ywing. I stuck around the game table until the final turn when our last Y reached the target and made that fateful shot that destroyed the Empire's ultimate terror weapon.

"I have you now!"

Despite the loss, the Empire players were good sports. A good time was had by all.  Probably none more so than our thoroughly inebriated Red Leader. And the game hosts thought this was the most successful event they have ever run with this game.

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