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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Workbench WIP - Mirkwood Elves

Even though the title of the blog is "The PAINTED Thumb", my posts have little to do with actual 'painting' and modeling. So, I will try to bring some more of that going forward.

I've been playing a lot of the GW Lord of the Ring/Hobbit game lately. A local friend, Charlie, has decided to hold a monthly LotR game night. He has been a longtime fan of the game and wanted to play it again. Well, the interest is definitely present.  There has been a steady increase in the number of players every month. Next month, we will hold an official tournament with prizes!

I never thought I would actually play this game. I purchased a box set of LotR Wood Elves with the intention of using them as a HotT army.  At the Millennium Con 2011 swap meet, I picked up a starter box for $20, with no idea of what I would do with it. Charlie started his game nights and I was lucky to have the figs on hand. 

Two of the elves with bows ended up being re-purposed for my SoBaH war band called 'Venom Inc.'  But, that war band has not proven to be a cohesive battle team. Venom Inc. will certainly get a makeover.  Those elves might get stripped, repainted and dropped into a LotR scenario sometime soon.

I haven't posted any after action reports on my previous LotR games because my figs are all primed black or bare metal.  They have been that way for at least two years. It is about time they get painted and organized.

Two bowmen, elf captain, Legolas on the far right, Arwen unpainted in the center
I've been criticized for including the Arwen fig in my army.  Mostly from Tolkien purists who are unhappy with her non-canon role in the movies. But, from a game standpoint, she is a decent combat unit, counts as a leader, has spell casting ability, and costs less than the elf captain.

Also, I am considering a different color scheme for the army. I don't really like the standard blue/green that GW gives them on the box cover. So, I tried something different with the two elves from the SoBaH war band. It's more of an autumn look but I'm open to different ideas.  Any suggestions out there?

Members of 'Venom Inc.'

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