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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lord of the Rings Tournament

Last month Charlie hosted our first Games Workshop Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Tournament at Dragon's Lair.

I participated and painted my first ever Lord of the Rings warband, 500 pts of Wood Elves. The whole week I furiously tried to get paint on the figures and successfully got all of the base color on them. Well mostly. I've come to the realization that I am just a slow painter.

My wood elves warband includes:

Legolas w/ armor
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades
4 Elf Warriors w/ Spears
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Bows

Wood Elf Captain w/ Bow and throwing Daggers
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades
4 Elf Warriors w/ Spears
4 Elf Warriors w/ Elf Bows

Arwen w/ horse (Asfaloth)
8 High Elf Warriors w/ Elf Blades

This is not an army designed to win the tournament. Since this was my first tournament, I was really just interested in having a fun time.

Round #1, I was matched up with Brandon, who I've battled often. He fielded a group of Uruk-Hai with lots of pikes. The map was setup with the encampments in opposite corners. The objective of this scenario was to capture the opposite camp. We both charged at each other while trying to outflank each other. We met in the middle, unsurprisingly, and battled it out until time was called. Neither of us were able to reach the other camp but Brandon won on total number of kills. My elves could not get any damage on the tough armor of the Uruks and the bows were not as effective as I thought. I tried to get Arwen in position to fire the 'Nature's Wrath' spell but I was focused on the position of my infantry and completely forgot to use the spell.
Victory: Uruk-Hai
Legolas against 9 Uruk-Hai, a fair fight.

Round #2, This matchup was against a good friend Ted. Ted was stinging from his previous battle against the Grey Company in which the Greys chose to move out of direct combat and simply fire at range with devastating effect. The Greys never moved toward the objective, choosing to reduce the enemy until they could simply walk to the objective. I can see how this was a frustrating and non-fun event for Ted. There was no tactic that he could use to counter the GC except to simply hope the opponent rolled poorly.

The brawl in the alley

Uruk-Hai Shaman

Ted brought some of his own Uruks, except he came with a Shaman and a contingent of crossbowmen. This time the objective was to hold the center of the board but the troops arrived randomly around the edge of the map. We both rushed our troops toward the objecgtive as quickly as we could. There was a huddle of small buildings just on my side of the objective which forced both armies to funnel through a narrow alleyway. There, the two armies met and had a tremendous scrum with Uruk pike and Elf spears. Legolas skirted around the main fight picking off the crossbowmen. Arwen managed to fire the 'Natures Wrath' but I wasn't able to gain an advantage with it. Before I could use it again, the Shaman was able to transfix Arwen. Time was called and Ted held the center. It was a nice, crunchy, satisfying battle but another loss for the Elves.
Victory: Uruk-Hai

Round #3, This matchup was again... versus more Uruk-Hai. This time the opponent was one of the young players (his name escapes me). His army did not have any named Heroes. It was a huge mass of Uruks lead by three captains. In this scenario, the objective was to choose a single leader (my choice was Legolas) and that leader would count all kills and the leader with the most kills would win the battle. Like the last battle, the two armies were split into two groups and had to move toward each other to support. We simply met in the middle of the board and slugged it out. The Uruks had the upper hand against the Elves due to higher armor and pikes. Ultimately, Legolas got more kills but the Uruks killed more elves. Thus, the battle was called a draw.
Victory: neither 

Glad I didn't duel with this guy, but a cool photo of the Dweller in the Dark

It was a long day of fighting Uruk-Hai and I got stomped on for the most part. But, I still managed to have a good time. I'll definitely review my army and find something to help versus the Uruk-Hai. If anyone out there has any experience with Wood Elves, I would be interested in any suggestions you might have.

My Lord of the Rings photo album

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