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Venom Inc.

Last year, Chip hosted a fun "Song of Blades and Heroes" campaign that went on for many weeks. The warband I had created for that campaign, quite frankly, wasn't very good. The models I used were a random collection of fantasy figures from different product lines. I simply grabbed some of the pre-generated hero profiles from the back of the rulebook and applied a profile to each figure.  Alternatively, I could have used the online 'Warband builder' and customized each character and tried to 'min/max' each figure to the maximum combat ability permitted by the rules. Most of the other players did this with their warbands.

After the profiles were selected, I named the warband 'Venom Inc.'. The members are as follows.


Tierdelaira - Dark Elf priestess from Reaper minis, the Leader of the warband and all-around warrior. She seeks power, wealth and recruits minions to assist in this quest. Unfortunately, the current stable of minions are a bit of a disappointment.

Esan and Hasan
3+3Shooter: Long, Forester

Esan and Hasan - Two Wood Elf archers from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line. Excellent shooters and decent fighters. These are the cream of the crop for now.

4+4Long Move, Slow, Big, Steadfast

Yargor - A prepainted Bugbear from Reaper. He's a decent fighter but is often outflanked by the enemy.

4+2Short Move, Mountaineer

Meegu and Griff - Two Dwarf Miners from Games Workshop Fantasy line. They have even more trouble on the battlefield than Yargor. Their short legs just can't get into the fight fast enough.


4+2Shooter: Short, Lethal vs. Animals

Cooter - A crossbowman stolen from my Battle Masters game. He specializes in hunting animals and can be deadly, if the opponent would ever bring an animal to the battle.

The warband was built this way due to a lack of funding for new minis. Rather than spend money I didn't have, I gathered some leftover figs from various boxes in my storage cabinets. The warband looks inconsistent and plays just as poorly. There was no organization, no cohesiveness, no teamwork. Yech!

Nevertheless, this is the warband that I will be taking to battle in this year's SoBaH campaign.  Reinforcements are on the way!  But, will they arrive in time?


  1. Hey, that's how I build my SoBaH warband--existing figures only! It's called maximizing your gaming dollar :-)


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