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Warmaster Battles

Local players have decided to start playing Warmaster again.  We setup a small battle for our Tuesday night game.

This match involved two players on two teams with each player bringing one army of 1000 pts.

Team 'Goodness and Light' included me and Jake.  We both fielding 1000pts of High Elves.  I brought plenty of archers, two heroes and one wizard, which was probably more command strength than necessary. Jake brought a band of eagles and bolt throwers followed by lots of Silverhelms.

Team 'Darkness and Stink' included Dave with a Chaos army and Tony with Orcs, Goblins, and a Giant!

The battle started with the elves successfully passing all the command rolls while the enemy struggled to get their units moving.  Jake sent the eagles around the right flank while the Silverhelms pushed the center.  Tony's night goblins and black orcs moved up to meet the elf cavalry. The Orcs an Gobbos were outmatched against four units of Silverhelms.  They were crushed and that prompted a huge push with continuing charges from the Silverhelms.  They rushed into the rest of Tony's army., killing the giant and routed the remainder of the orcs.

In the center, I charged my Silverhelms and Reavers into a line of Chaos chariots and won!

But on the left side of the battle, Dave moved his harpies and demon hounds to flank my spears.  My wizard was able to foil some hounds with a "Hail of Stone" spell but they still advanced close enough to charge my lines.  The Chaos forces crushed my spears on the flank.  Meanwhile, my archers were firing at the a stand of Ogres.  The Ogres charged the line of archers but could not make a breakthrough.

By turn 6,  Dave conceded.  Dave and I could have fought for a few more turns but Tony's army routed and Jake had lost only one unit of Silverhelms. It was a good day to be an Elf!


  1. Great to see Warmaster being played. I'm located in Austin, maybe we can set up a game some time. Drop me a line jihughes (at) yahoo (d0t) com. Thanks!


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