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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flying Lead, Napoleon at War, and Warmaster

Wow! I've been playing lots of games from different rules systems lately.   It's been difficult trying to remember how each one is played.  There comes a time when it all seems like a blur!

At last Tuesday's club night, we had a game of Ganesha's Flying Lead. It is the same rules for Song of Blades and Heroes but modified for a modern genre with firearms and explosives as the main weapons.
My squad leader realizes the point man is down and so is the Medic!

The flamethrower getting ready to fire up some Soviets
I enjoyed this game!  The only drawback was the activation mechanics don't necessarily fit with the kind of figures I was playing. I was given two squads of 'near-future' professional soldiers (figures from the AT-43 game), which I would imagine, should have no trouble moving across an open battlefield and staying in formation. But, the rules require activation rolls to move each soldier and after a few failures, my squads were horribly spread out and the figs were unable to support each other as I would expect professional soldiers to do.  Not a complaint about the game, just the rules did not fit my personal vision of a near-future war.

Columbus day rolled around and several gaming groups were organizing some play sessions. In the morning, I stopped by Dragon's Lair to learn Napoleon at War.  Charlie had setup the "Battle of Leipzig" on a huge table scape. 
This is only one-half of the table

My Russian Brigade about to resist the first cavalry charge

Prussians charging the gun battery

The figures were stunning! Thanks Charlie and Rob!

I have limited experience with Napoleonic games but NaW was a lot of fun.  My Russian infantry was able to repel three different cavalry charges!

That evening, I met up with Chip, Dave, and Blake for some pizza and Warmaster.  Chip and I took 1500pts of High Elves each, while Dave and Blake took Chaos and Tomb Kings respectively.

Blake lined up his skeleton infantry and rattled up the hill.

Blake dragon arrived with a snack

High Elf Eagles poised to strike

Dave has done great work with his Chaos army

Warmaster armies look so cool on the table!


  1. Sounds like your force needed to have some kind of ability, or a leader, to simulate that 'small unit' feel.Such things exist in SoBH, so presumably exist in FL as well.

  2. Yes, each squad had a chief with the Leader ability. However, that doesn't ensure that you will pass your group activation rolls. One of my squads got two fails on the group roll; three turns in a row. It was incredibly bad dice. After that I resorted to rolling one die per stand, just to make sure some of the squad could move forward.