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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

X-Wing and HotT Battles

Stopped by the house of Desert Scribe for several games of Star Wars miniatures and Hordes of the Things.

Kerstan met up as well and the three of us played several games of Star Wars.  The Scribe had the three figures from the basic set: one TIE fighter, one TIE Interceptor, and one X-Wing. 

Each game we switched figures so that we had a chance to play each ship.  My favorite was the good ol' fashioned TIE fighter.  It's quick, nimble and get out harm's way in a hurry if necessary. In the hands of an experienced pilot, it can be deadly!

Later, we played some Hordes of the Things.  Scribe and I tried to convert Kerstan to the game and we may have succeeded. It is just so easy to put together an army quickly and Kerstan has plenty to 28mm figures to work with.

Game 1: Scribe took his flaming 'Sons of Muspel' army against my 'League of the Scarlet Falcon'. He was the defender and setup a large water hazard to disrupt my magician.

I was able to push back his column of Fire Giant Behemoths so that they crushed a warband in the recoil. My troops were hampered by the water and couldn't get form a good battle line. Ultimately, he won by eliminating 50% of my force.  

Game 2: we left the terrain in place. He switched to the Nightmare Legion army. I sent my fastest units (Riders, Magician, Hero-General) around a large forest.  They got isolated there and were cut down by shooters.

Game 3: I switched to defender and mixed up the terrain a bit. I removed the water.  This time I charged the Skull Chukka Artillery with my Hero-General; completely forgetting that Heroes are quick-kills to the Artillery. My Hero died glorious and brought that battle to a quick end.  We decided to continue play without the Hero. The battle continued with a traditional battle line forming and both sides fighting out in the open.  Sadly, my magician rolled a second 'one' result and was turned into a frog!

Overall, an excellent Saturday afternoon of games.


  1. " Sadly, my magician rolled a second 'one' result and was turned into a frog!"

    What target was he going for that made it worth risking that second one? It looks like you were going for the Artillery, which hardy seems worth the effort (1:36 chance of affecting it, vs a 1:6 chance of being frogged).

  2. I had considered targeting the artillery earlier in the game (before the first 'one') and realized the odds of success were low. The 'frogging' occurred after I had forced a recoil on the skeleton shooters, and wanted to get a magical attack before they moved into contact again or just shoot from distance every bound. The odds were 1:9 to kill the shooter, but 1:6 of 'frogging'.