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Welcome 2014 - Goals and To-Do's

Hello! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New Year's.

Now that we are solidly within the new year, I wanted to review 2013 and make some goals for this blog in 2014.

The review of my 'games played for 2013' log on BoardGameGeek shows:

Its pretty clear where my emphasis has been this year.  It troubles me to see lots of Fantasy and SciFi themed games with very little historical games (except Flames of War). Until now, I would of categorized myself as a historical gamer.  Maybe because most of my friends are historical gamers.  Noticeably absent are any versions of Warhammer.  Sorry, ...Homey don't play that game... though Epic 40K has peaked my interest.

On to painting:  I've made better progress in 2013 but still have a ton of projects to complete.
  • Repaint the Warmaster High Elves, paint and base the new figs
  • Build some winter terrain for use with Warmaster.
  • Touch up the 'Sons of Liberty', HotT army
  • Complete the 'Sons of Liberty' stronghold
  • Paint Native American HotT army
  • Create a Flames of War army
  • Paint my new SoBaH warband
  • HotT Empire army, paint the extra units (Warbands, Behemoth, fix bases)
  • Paint the Battle of Five Armies game
  • Paint the Mirkwood Rangers army for LotR
  • Paint the Misty Mountains Goblins for LotR
  • Paint the The Hobbit Dwarves, Bilbo, Gandalf, and Radagast for LotR
  • Paint the Dwarf HotT army, and build stronghold - possibly for use with Warhammer Fantasy
  • Paint more Wood Elves for LotR
  • Paint a Moria Goblin army for LotR
  • Paint a LotR army based around 2nd Age, using Elendil, Elrond, Thranduil, Numenorians, Gil-Galad, Rumil.
  • Paint a LotR army based around Arwen with Rivendell Knights.
  • Buy&Paint some Star Trek minis & play a Starfleet Commander game for Tuesday night.
  • Paint various Sci-Fi minis
  • Paint WMA Early Romans army
  • **This space intentionally left blank for new projects**

Also, I have some original game projects and some goals for MillenniumCon
  • Lay out the background for the GURPS: Prime Directive game - in progress
  • Build and playtest the "Mosquitos over Amiens" wargame - my secret project.  shhhh, dont tell anyone
  • Create characters and minis for the "History Channel Deathmatch" game.  another secret project.
  • MillenniumCon participation:
  • -Create and Maintain the Convention website
  • -Help advertise and promote the convention through Social Media and other channels.

And finally, some goals for this blog. I've been doing this blog for about two years and there are only 9 followers! If you are one of the 9, then I must say 'Thank you!' for sticking with me this long.  I promise, the goal this year is to increase readership and create better content!

But, what kind of improvements are needed?  That I'm not completely sure of.  Some possibilities...

  • Change the layout of the website?  Is it too cluttered?
  • Better AAR's; there has been a lot of discussion across the blogosphere about what makes a good AAR. Most of the complaints have been about lack of details. For me, I spend my game time focused on playing the game. I don't try to remember the detailed movement of every unit of every turn or even the makeup of the starting forces in each game. Unless someone writes them down for me I will have forgotten them by the end of the day.  My memory is just not that good. Nevertheless, this stuff seems to be important to readers.  So, I'll find some creative ways to present the AAR's but I won't bother writing them unless the game is particularly memorable.  Perhaps if  the game illustrates some creative strategy or if the battle was particularly enjoyable.
  • Encourage more feedback.  The Comboxes have been very quiet of late... Is there anybody out there?
  • Is the audience interested in other games than the ones I play? Should I write more posts about different games?
  • Is my writing style difficult to read or uninspiring?
  • Does the subject matter lack focus?  The posts seem to cover a wide range of subjects from painting to fantasy games, historical games, books, movies.  Should I limit to just a few subjects?
  • Any other ideas I should consider?  Please let me know. The long term goal is to maintain a blog of the highest quality.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Blogfests are a great way to connect with other bloggers. I find some marathon posts can be a bit of a yawn although I confess, I'm guilty, LOL. .

  2. I can't speak to the blog as a whole (first time caller, first time listener) but I like the layout. It's always best to focus in on the one blog topic you're most passionate about. I can feel the passion for games, so keep it up Man!


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