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Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Catchup Post

The months of February through April are the hardest months for me to make new blog posts.  I really don't know what causes this drought yet is seems very cyclical.

Despite the lack of posts, there has not been a shortage of games being played.  So, rather than trying to write AAR's for all the games played over the past few months, I'll just post up some photos of the most recent game sessions.  I did participate in a Lord  of the Rings SBG 'Doubles' tournament which deserves it's own post and AAR.  For now here is a montage of the latest battles.

Played some 'Saga' at OwlCon, it was a great game!  But like many new games, it requires custom dice.
Also at OwlCon, had a great game of Blood Bowl vs. Coach K
I used a borrowed Human team, in green uniforms
One player is wide open and screamin' "Gimme da Ball!"
There's daylight in the middle and a green player headed that way!
I like how in this game you can lose players to injury or possibly death!
All the King's Men at ChimaeraCon
Ed ran a great game of All the King's Men.  I like this game alot and hope to paint up some figures for it!
Joe and Johnny running Circus Maximus at ChimaeraCon
Somebody was speeding around turn 2 and lost the chariot
Circus Maximus is a big draw for ChimaeraCon, I'm glad LSHM was able to run it this year.
Ted hosted a game of Super Dungeon Explore
Starmada at Desert Scribe's house, (me) Federation vs. (scribe) Klingons
The Klingons allowed the Feds to get to point blank range!
Each fleet lost one ship, the small frigate to the right is the USS Stauffenberg, the ship used in my Prime Directive campaign
The last Klingon recharged his disruptor cannons and finished off the frigate. Nothing left to do but recover the escape pods.

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