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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glider Rifle Company

I've started my new 15mm WW2 army for Flames of War. Even though some of the local players have decided to stop playing FoW, I still believe there is a lot of life left in this game. Even if they are correct, I seriously doubt that WW2 games in 15mm will go away any time soon.

Case in point; my friend Dale has decided to purchase the rulebook for the excellent game I Ain't Been Shot Mum. He asked me if I'd be willing to learn the game with him and I agreed. I've played the game before and discussed it in this earlier post. This game provides a bit more realism than Flames of War and there are times when I really enjoy the gritty details of a serious wargame.

So, we've setup a goal for each of us to paint up an army. I will build a US Glider Rifle Company and Dale will do a German PanzerGrenadier Company. I've purchased a box of the plastic US Infantry from The Plastic Soldier Company. They are great sculpts for the price. The only trick will be to figure out how to base them so that they will work for both game systems.

First task was to get the plastic figs off the spue and glue on the interchangeable arms and weapons. More info to come as I complete the project.


  1. Good luck with this project, looking forward to following your progress with it :-)

  2. I am lurking .... Gathering Intel... {Seriously, can't wait to get started. I have blinds for the Brits, Americans (Two Kinds), Germans, and Canadians and two deck for Americans and Germans from Artscow (beautiful). Can't wait to give them a go!]

  3. Never played FoW - my only concern with it not being a viable game, 15mm kit selection and options will go down.

  4. It does seem like Battlefront is cutting back on some of their
    Products. Dale showed me his Panzer Grenadiers from BF in plastic and they looked terrific for 15mm. And there are still some manufacturers such as PSC who are still producing models. Old Glory is another good source.

  5. Excited to see you coming around to IABSM!

    Basing for both systems is a breeze because IABSM is so flexible. I just base per FOW and use caps or pieces of pipe cleaner to mark casualties. US 10-man squads just need an extra 2 men on a small FOW base.

    When lazy I leave big men based as per FOW (small base with three soldiers)...when motivated, I put a single figure on a 20mm round base. Peter Pig is a great option for single figures.

    Have fun! (And check out TFL's Chain of Command too! I play in 15mm and love the scale.)

  6. Thanks for the comment Garrett. I like the pipe cleaner trick for tracking hits. Check back on the blog for game reports as they come in.