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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Everyone should have heard the news by now.  Leonard Nimoy the actor who brilliantly portrayed the character of 'My Spock' on 'Star Trek' has passed.

I am one of those Trekkies who is old enough to remember a world that included the original series TV show (and the short run of the animated TV show) and nothing else. No movies, No next generations, No J.J. Abrams...

I remember hearing the news that a Next Generation TV show was in the works and I thought to myself, "Nah! It will never happen." I was a hard-nosed realist in those days and I couldn't imagine that Star Trek, or sci-fi television for that matter, would ever be as popular as it is today. I was so wrong!

To put some perspective on the matter, the first episode of TOS was aired in 1966. Nimoy played the role of Spock for the first time wearing a gold turtleneck sweater.

His last performance was a cameo in the latest movie "Into Darkness" in 2013!

And all the episodes and movies in between! That's 47 years of playing the same character. I don't know any other character played by the same actor for that long.

For now and probably for all time, the words 'Star Trek' and 'Mr. Spock' will be inseparable. Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy.

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