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Friday, April 24, 2015

Glider Rifle Company - progress

Greetings all! I haven't been doing much gaming lately. Just an odd game here and there so there's not much for me to discuss at the moment.

Most significantly, progress is being made on the Glider Rifle Company. The box says there are 145 figs of Late-War American infantry. And the detail work is taking some time to complete. This is my first Flames of War army and it is something I definitely want to complete ASAP.

Here is the latest photo.

I completed one little squad just to get an idea for the colors.
The color scheme is based on this graphic

I found this photo on the net, which must be the inspiration for the sculptor. The poses are almost identical. Here you see an assortment of infantry weapons including Thompson SMGs, BARs, M1 Carbines, and one guy holding an LMG.


  1. Looking good! I remember painting up my first FoW infantry company (British Airborne), it was quite a task! Like you I started with a company box set, and once that's done you've got the guts of your army. Looking forward to seeing the finished product :-)

  2. Thanks Paul! I didn't mention that these guys are from the Plastic Soldier Company Late-War Americans set. The rest of the list has been purchased and is waiting to be painted. 1900pts total.