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April Muster - Historical Games Day

Lone Star Historical Miniatures held another Muster Game Day this past weekend. This was called the April Muster and it is the third such event we have held. Basically, we occupy one of the game rooms at the FLGS and run about 4-6 games from different time periods. These are single-day events  but they have a convention atmosphere. They are free to attend and anyone can drop by and join a game.

The events have been great opportunities to get the word out on Historical Miniatures and lure in new players. The games played were:
I played in the Wings of Glory game.  Ian Straus had put out three beautiful battle mats that made a large area for us to play on.  I chose to play the iconic German Fokker Dr1 triplane. Carl was my ally on the German side. We battled against Blake and Ian who flew British bombers. In the first battle, I flew too far out of position to do much damage but we were able to get a Blake to explode. That was satisfying!  The game plays so quickly, we were able to repeat the game with the same planes. We mixed up planes a few times and managed to get in about 5 games in a four hour period. It was a good fun afternoon!

Wings of Glory battlemaps

Fokker Dr.1 vs British

Fokker w Aviatek vs Italian bomber

Johnny Reb table

Union Lines with Zuaves

The battlefield, they recreated the battle of Vicksburg

Continuation War table

Continuation War


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